Check out this wonderful mix Laurine Frost did for “Bubbles On the Air”. It also features an unreleased track from 2kn, called “January Was A Mess”. The 2kn tune comes in after 50 minutes, but the whole mix is worthwhile!

Laurine Frost – DJ-Set for Bubbles On The Air


Daddy Doesn't Dig It Records

Check out this quick sketch Madame Mmur did for 2kn’s label “Daddy Doesn’t Dig It” dropping soon.

Hey, check out these two quite experimental and beautiful ambient tracks, Mr. 2kn discovered on his hard-drive, dating back to 2009. Make sure you listen to the second part, where a lot of stuff is happening. And remember to use good headphones or a good system although it’s shitty soundcloud quality.

Long Eva And (Part I)

Long Eva And (Part II)

31/12/11 2kn Trash DJ-set @ Lichtenraderstraße, Berlin

12/16/11 2kn Trash DJ-set @ Berliner Straße, Cologne

03/26/11 2kn Trash DJ-set @ Westwerk, Leipzig

Boys and girls, get ready for some mental stuff: 3 new 2kn tracks are up on soundcloud now, check “New Rave” at the bottom. 2kn is currently working on a MPC live show to use all the material which he collected over the years. New 2kn DJ-mix with a lot of unreleased stuff from him and his friends will follow soon. To get excited, there will be some unreleased Clark & Addison Groove. We can’t imagine how this will sound. Can you?

2kn – New Rave