Don’t miss out on my new DJ-set. “Psychedelic Club Concepts” takes you on a tough-minded journey, from current innovators like Boddika or Tessela to masterminds like Autechre or Christian Vogel. Old gems and twisted bass music experiments, stripped down to full club functionality and 100 % pure mind fuck.

Also check out my soundcloud from time to time to catch all the goodies and gems like my hillbilly mix below!


Adventurous music for adventurous people at adventurous partys! Come hear and see 2kn or you’re too soft for this type of shit.

10.05 @ BROTZEIT
16./ 17.05 @ MONGOLFIERE

Also check out the new mix of my favourite bass music and new experiments on soundcloud…

It’s been a while since my last post or updates on beats. Irregardless 2013 has been 2kn’s loudest year to date. Thanks for all these special moments and your trust in 2kn’s dirty bass brand. Don’t miss out seeing 2kn taking his DJ trash set to the next level with live drummachine and synth action. First 2014 gigs will follow shortly.

All lovers of UK-influenced bass shit should check out the young net-label Yarn Audio which I’m co-operating. We are giving our releases away for free and there are even remix stems for the producers out there. With a little luck and enough talent you could get released on our next remix EP!

I also updated my crowded soundcloud page to make space for new shit and the long promised mixtape. If I ever stop being so perfectionistic…

See you in 2014 and keep it unreal!

Time to visit 2kn’s soundcloud to explore some updated beats! Die Artwood’s “This Is Why I’m Hot” gets an ill 2kn re-rub (below). The monster “Friday, 13th” continues to explore the mad rhythm-routine with nostalgic synth lines and frightening bass. The soundcloud page is split in three playlists for your maximum auditory enhancement and updated regulary. To stay informed, click on the grey “Follow”-Buttonon the bottom of this page.

It’s always a good idea to check out 2kn’s soundcloud. Don’t miss him fooling around with a few samples from James Blake’s “Love What Happened Here” and Traxman’s “Itz Crack”. Below is “Santa Beats”, a new summer electronica piece. Better follow this blog to be the first person to listen to the upcoming exclusive mix and new material.

2kn – Santa Beats

05/05/12 2kn Trash DJ-set & Special Live Tweaking @ BROTZEIT, Pankgräfin, Karow (about 30 minutes from Berlin)

14/04/12 2kn Trash DJ-set @ YOUNG BLOOD, Caprisa, Berlin

Check out 2kn’s soundcloud to listen to two new bangers. “We Like” is below and an housy, yet industrial club smasher. “Doshy” features weird vocals somewhere between UK bass and Juke. And if you didn’t check out  “Mm Cenzored”, “Bore”, “New Rave” or “Daddy Doesn’t Dig It” already, you know what you’ve got to now!

2kn – We Like